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~Meet The Doctors~
~ Dr. R. Dean Fuller ~
Dr. fuller
As a child, Dr. Fuller’s life goal, as with many kids, was to play professional sports. Although he played basketball and baseball in college, it was as a child with health problems that really changed his life. When Dr. Fuller was 11 years old, he began to have stomach difficulties and was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After seeing multiple doctors his mother took him to the chiropractor and for the first time he was improving. Although it took time to heal, this forever transformed his life, igniting a fire to serve others that burns brightly today.
Dr. Fuller’s motto for his life is to serve God by serving families through the vehicle of Chiropractic. He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1993 and from there began a quest to find a mentor from whom he could learn. This led him to Smyrna, Georgia and Dr. Richard Franks, who had one of the largest practices in the history of chiropractic. Dr. Fuller moved to Georgia and was amazed at the personal and professional knowledge he learned from Dr. Franks and within a few years had one of the largest practices in the world.
Since that time, Dr. Fuller has continued to open practices in the hopes of serving more people through Chiropractic, presently has four Chiropractic clinics, and is the founder of Fuller “LIFE” Chiropractic Centers. He has been extremely involved with his profession being a lifetime member of the International Chiropractic Association, a member of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors Organization, and World Chiropractic Alliance. He has served on the board of the Georgia Chiropractic Council and is a lecturer at multiple chiropractic colleges around the nation.

He is involved in his local community as a Partner in Education and a member of Heritage Christian Church. He takes great inspiration from his two children, who encourage him daily with the same enthusiasm as he has to make the world a healthy place the way God intended through chiropractic.  


~ Dr. Glenn Osgoodby ~

Growing up, Dr. Glenn always had a passion for sports and health. Before his teenage years he was involved in organized swimming, diving, baseball, and basketball. This led him to competitive wrestling and football that he participated in thru undergraduate college in Gettysburg PA and then bodybuilding while in Chiropractic College at Life University.   Along the way there were injuries and setbacks and this inspired him to pursue methods to overcome and improve his performance naturally.

Early on at Gettysburg College he was exposed to Chiropractic. He loved the natural approach to recovery from injury, but what most excited him was how the body as a whole became healthier through addressing the nervous system naturally. He came to learn how important the nervous system is in the advancement and recovery of overall health. He attended Life University in Marietta GA and graduated in 1990. He immediately went back up to his home state of New Jersey and established a practice along the shore in the central part of the state. He remained there for 20 year and Dr. Glenn enjoyed a wellness based family practice that he continued when he moved to Georgia in 2010. There he and his wife Dr. Jeanette owned a practice in Watkinsville near Athens until they had the opportunity to practice in Southeast Asia in the country of Singapore. Combined they have five children and have enjoyed a healthy family lifestyle.

Dr. Glenn has been involved in many professional and community organizations in the 30+ years he has been a Chiropractor. He feels he has been led by God to help people be the healthiest version of themselves allowing God to work through them as only He can. He enjoys working with Fuller Life Chiropractic transforming the destiny of our community by empowering their God-given health potential and inspiring them to lead vibrant, purposeful lives.

~ Meet The Staff ~

All the team members at Fuller Life are ready to serve you and help you reach your health goals.